Father it seems that every place is bubbling over with corruption. Every job and the owners love money and if we love money we can’t love God. People do anything to get ahead and the government rests on Your shoulders. The world and everything in it belongs to You. My ex husband will do anything for money. Our son may be walking in his dad’s footsteps. It’s heartbreaking. The Bible teaches us that the man that doesn’t work doesn’t eat and let each person labor with his own hands so that he can rejoicing in himself and not in another. What would You have us do, Lord? Have we reached the place in scripture where You call us out from this very wicked and corrupt world system? It’s wickedness all around us. Please give me wisdom, Jesus. Show me what You would have me do. Please order my footsteps Lord. You said a gentile seeks after what they will eat or drink. I need Your direction in my life. I’m tired of trying to figure it out on my own. Please lead and guide me I pray in Jesus name.