Thank You, Father, for Divine Protection and Prayer

Father, You are AMAZING!! Knowing You and being known by You makes all the difference in this world. You are wonderful and kind. Your arms are always outstretched and reaching for all of us. Thank You. Thank You For Giovanni And Mrs. Selena. Thank You Lord for being Osama’s (Sam is his American name) way of escape by 4 hours for the earthquake in Turkey. Thank You for protecting him and his family. There are absolutely no coincidences in this life. Thank You for the opportunity to pray with Terry this morning who was having terrible anxiety for his road trip to Florida. Thank You that we parked next to each other and could pray and ask for Your peace and safety. Father, thank You for being better to us than we could ever be to ourselves. Forgive us when we take You for granted and act like spoiled brats instead of grateful and thankful children. Thank You for everything You do to reveal Yourself to us and others in very real and tangible ways. Help me to pray for, forgive and love my enemies just as You do. I ask these things in the matchless name of Jesus. Thank You for loving me even when I was a sinner and thank You for calling me out of the darkness into Your marvelous light. You are so very kind and wonderful.