Share the Love of Jesus with others

Father, I pray for Mrs. Zenha¬† and family. You said let all that we do be done in love. She’s lost her mom and dad and even a coworker. Please show her that You are real. Please allow her to see that You exists. Maybe she didn’t grow up in a family of believers. I don’t know. You do. Each time I see her I think about how she doesn’t know You and this life is so temporary. So much is happening. I pray that the words in that journal would pierce directly into her heart. Lord Jesus, I ask as Your daughter. There was a time when I was so lost. I couldn’t break free and Jesus came for me. It’s why I desire to share You and Your love with everyone because in You we find safety. Lord, for the Jamaican from the bakery who has passed, I pray for his family. His wife and if they had any children. I pray for his coworkers and neighbors. I pray each person comes to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.