Lord, I pray you strengthen my relationship with you! I pray blessing upon others.. I know I have drifted, Lord. But I know that no matter how far I feel I’ve gone, you’re right here with me. Lord remind me that you come before anything or anyone. Help me manage my time with you, Lord. Just like with any earthly relationship, ours need time, communication, and trust. Lord you are number one in my life. Help my boyfriend and I grow in You, as one. So that we can both delight in You. Even if we don’t work out due to YOUR plans for us, we will always have YOU to guide us. I want us to both run to you when there’s something wrong. You Lord have never failed me. I have people fail me on a daily basis, but You have never. I pray that you give me wisdom, strength, and faith. So no matter where you take me in this life, I will know that You are near. Also if everyone could, please pray for my Aunt. She is fighting cancer right now. She has stage 4 lymphoma. Thank you all. God bless you!!