For Brandon And Brooklyn

Father, I just lift them up to You. I pray that each person would surrender their hearts and lives to You. Please help Brandon who is going through difficulty. Let Him know that He can call on You and You will indeed answer. I also thank You for Brooklyn tonight along with every other person in Domino’s. Lord, please touch hearts and change lives for Your glory in Jesus name. Thank You for Your power. Nothing is too hard for You. Please also bless A’Niyah and Marcus. Father, thank You for their kindness, Jesus. Thank You for Mrs. Christa Begley. Bless their family and their preaching son Noah. Please also draw the one who is wayward. Father, please do not allow our children to be lost in Jesus name I pray. Thank You for every time that You remembered Your children in the word of God. Help us to continue to persevere in our prayer life. You still answer prayer today. Thank You for sparing Mrs. Sindy, Jesus. Thank You for keeping her safe, Lord.