For Ashley, Brad And Swin, Mrs. Priscilla, Ameliah, Mrs. Bonnie

Father, I need You. As Your children, we are constantly bombarded with hatred, evil, wickedness and it hurts terribly. Isolation because we believe and are fully convinced of the power of God and the salvation that came to us through Jesus. God, I pray for Elizabeth who is a slave to alcohol. I pray for an ex who is a slave to the same thing and is bound up by hatred, unforgiveness and Satan uses him to try to destroy our children and me. God, I need You in this hour. I need Your help to not do the wrong thing. Please be God in the midst of all that is wrong. I always feel out of place and that I’m standing alone. Please guard our children and my hearts. Jesus was and is sinless and perfect. I bring my flesh because I was born in sin and shaped in iniquity so I wrestle with bad thoughts and wanting to take things into my own hands. So Jesus I’m calling in You because I don’t want to sin and it separates me from You. Keep us I pray. Vengeance belongs to God, not me.