Andricus Burton

Thank you Jesus for forgiving me. Thank you for your redemptive work on Calvary Cross. Thank you for loving me when I couldn’t love myself. Thank you for defeating me in my rebellion, conquering me in my sin, winning my heart, and capturing my mind. Thank you for being my hope, and my best friend. Thank you for welcoming me into your presence, working on me, reshaping me, molding me. Thank you for providing for my family, shielding and guiding me and all your people. Thank you for my pastor, build him up where he is torn down, strengthen him where he is weak. Thank you for every church door that opens up in your name, the name above all names. I pray have mercy on all your people. Thank you for the privilege of being your servant. I can’t go back and I won’t go back. Continue to allow the message and gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to be spread across the world. You are so deserving of our praise. When I thought I was garbage and full of guilt, and didn’t want to live, you thought I was worth saving and worth fighting for. When I had a mindset of “I’m going to do what I want,” you still were right with me. When I wasn’t a friend to you and ashamed, you were still a friend to me, always right by my side loving me unconditional. You encouraged me to go on and I’m forever grateful. Help me never to play Church again. Forgive us of our many sins. I will never apologize for being serious about my faith because Jesus was serious when he died for all of our sins. Continue to do what only you can do King Jesus. God we know you are still on the throne, always have and always will, have you way Lord. Thank you for the blood Jesus, our resurrected King who is going to reign forever. In Jesus name, Amen!