Lord, Please Tend My Hedges

Fences, hedges, walls…these are all physical, visual barriers designating boundaries. No physical boundary is entirely impenetrable.  That would require power beyond that of humans, as we have seen the effects of human destruction on such barriers.

My husband is the trimmer of trees and bushes at our house. He has limited opportunities to give the bushes “haircuts”; so he tends to cut quite aggressively to delay the need to trim the bushes in the near future, or so we like to tease.  So far, the bushes have grown back and filled in beautifully; but any visual barriers tend to be temporarily compromised.

God is the master gardener, with his glorious beauty being the result of his loving care. He has given us boundaries in our lives for our own benefit through the law, through his commandments.  Parents do the same with their children, lovingly putting into place rules to guide their children along the path of righteous living.  Just like in biblical times, we are wise to realize we need help with our boundaries, even as adults.  We are more likely to reflect God’s glory if we stay within His boundaries.

If we stop to pray for a hedge of protection and a hedge of thorns within God’s will, we are praying for safety and guidance.  A hedge of protection surrounds us, insulating us from outside forces that could invade that hedge and harm us.  With a hedge of protection, we envision God as our rescuer.  A hedge of thorns, on the other hand, protects us from our own sinful natures.  That hedge of thorns will create a boundary outside of which we should not wander, or the results may bring devastation to our lives.

God removed the hedge of protection to allow Job to be tested. There may be times in our lives that suffering comes despite our prayers for protection.  We need to always remember that God’s grace is enough, especially in such times of trial and difficulty.  Also, we need to continue praising God regardless of our current circumstances.  Most importantly, we need to remember that through Christ’s blood, we have the eternal protection our souls really need.

Dear Lord, I praise your holy name. Help me to remember to ask you for guidance and protection.   Help me to reflect your goodness and glory as I live within your boundaries and help others to do the same.  Thank you for loving me enough to care about my wellbeing and eternal salvation.  I pray that your grace will be my strength to live within your will and to accept any difficulties that may come my way.  Help me to glorify you through my daily walk.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen 

Psalm 91:14-15

   Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;

    I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

   He will call on me, and I will answer him;

    I will be with him in trouble,

    I will deliver him and honor him.


by Deb Russell


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