God Knows Your Name

Scripture is filled with names.  God has recorded the names of both small and great in Scripture.  Names like those found in the lists of Chronicles may have no meaning to us, but have great meaning to God.  Scripture tells us that God knows us before he forms us in the womb.  He knows us after we are born and knows all that we say, think, or do.

Reflecting on the fact that God knows you may bring comfort or fear.  It is a comfort to know that God loves us and that He is there for us always.  But it is sobering to know that God knows all of our thoughts and deeds and that we are accountable to Him.  Whether you are someone who is famous or someone who is in the shadows, remember that God knows you.  The best response to a God who knows you is to know Him.

Knowing God and knowing that He knows you will change your life.  May it be a constant reminder that your public life is not only for the people who know your name, but for the God who knows you always.


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