Praying for Workplaces

It is well with the man who deals generously and lends;
who conducts his affairs with justice. Psalm 112:5

  • May each business leader be of great character: of integrity, humbleness of spirit and heart, honest in speech and actions, empathetic and vulnerable.
  • Lord, raise up a workforce that is filled with a spirit of excellence and unity in all they do
  • Dispel any false belief that a person’s value comes from a job title—let the truth ring out that a person is valuable because they are image bearers of You, their Creator
  • Pour out a spirit of generosity onto the mountain of Business like never before
  • May the gifts of the work of their hands be a great blessing to each family and community
  • Father, open the hearts of business leaders to be soul-searching, to cast out any greed, selfish ambition and idols and lay them on the altar of repentance
  • Give shift leaders the hearts to be genuinely concerned with the overall wellbeing of their workers

~from NDPrayer website