We give thanks and pray for the local Body of Christ who worships God together

Father, we pray for Josey, Besline, All The Women In The Choir, Mark & Lisa, Nicole, Her Husband, Their 3 Children, And Her Parents Mrs. Cicely And Her Husband. We thank You that every day we get to worship You. Thank You when we get to worship with believers. I pray for every woman who sang in the choir today. Jesus, thank You for each one of them. Please draw them to Yourself. Even in church people are hurting and heartbroken. Father, I pray for those who don’t believe. I pray for Nicole, her husband and their three children. Please give them what they need to parent in the way You desire. I also pray for Adam who served as a firefighter and was injured. Father, please be with him and his family. I pray for the one who is devastated by the tears in her siblings. We also pray for Mr. James who You’ve placed very heavily on her heart. Help her to reach out, Lord. I pray for everyone who gathered for service today. I pray that they come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord.