Susan Oltman

Prayer for our nation

Father, We raise our voices and shout to heaven on behalf of our nation. We repent of the ways we have compromised with culture. We have tolerated the seemingly small evils in culture and now we have large assemblies of evildoers who are a thorn to us, your people. Forgive us for our preference for following the ways of the world and thereby rejecting You, God. You alone are sovereign over the earth and we pray that you will restore all people to You. We pray that our leaders – President, Vice President, Congress, Governors, Mayors and all others – will humble themselves, and hear your voice and your wisdom above all others, obeying you. We pray that they would turn away from pride, deceit, and corruption and see the revelation of your true authority. Increase the influence and expand the reach of every Christian believer on the staff of the ungodly. Display your power, convict hearts, sow peace, and bring revival upon this land. Open the eyes of believers to see where they are being deceived by agents of the enemy. You hate wickedness and love righteousness and we long for you to show your power, upholding your truth in government. We ask that you strike down every pride-filled motive in government and every initiative born of pride to deceive, sow fear, and silence your people. Arise, O Lord, let your enemies be scattered; throw the enemy into great confusion until he is destroyed.
Thank you that you are the God of justice. We ask that you send the Holy Spirit into courtrooms all across this land – federal, state, and local – and demolish every argument and lofty opinion that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. Uphold the honor of every Godly judge, lawyer, juror and witness. Reverse any legislation that dishonors you. Turn back the advance of darkness in our culture, the masquerading of evil as good. Raise up God-fearing leaders with lives shaped by integrity, with truth written on their hearts. Protect the ancient foundations of this great land and restore us to be a nation where Your Name is holy once again. In the strong name of Jesus, Amen