Praise the Lord in Holiness

Father, You are Majestic, Holy, Glorious, and Awe-inspiring! Our human minds cannot fathom the fullness of your character, nature, and names. We worship and adore you. We humbly bow before you. We sing praises to you Lord God Almighty. We join in Heaven’s Hallelujahs! May we be counted among your worshippers in this hour, safe in Your sanctuary under the shelter of your wings.

The storms and confusion and distress of our world rage on as the enemy roars like a lion. But our eyes are on Jesus! We fix our eyes on the One and Only Son of the Father, the Lamb of God who humbled Himself, lived a perfect life all the way to the cross! May we live a life of holiness and obedience. May we conduct ourselves in awesome reverence and the fear of the Lord as we sojourn during our years on earth!

We have been redeemed from this vain way of life, not with perishable things but with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. He died, was buried, rose again, and rules at the right hand of the Father interceding for us and is coming soon! Hallelujah! Our faith and hope are in God alone!

Oh Lord God, May our nourishment be to do the will of the Father here on earth. Our desire is to be walking in step with the Spirit doing those things that God had ordained for us from the beginning of time.

Forgive your people, God, when we abandoned you, our life-giving waters for the idols of our time. Forgive your people, God, for building cisterns that cannot hold water. We build cisterns in our own ways and find only disease, death, and unsatisfied thirst.