Please Just Keep Our Family And Me

Father, the cares of this life never seem to go away. Every day we are faced with a choice of what we will do. Help us to just let go and let God. He is fully in control, fully capable of accomplishing all that He has planned. Lord, please help me to really rest. Sometimes the news is too much. Everything can be too much because we are not meant to face these things on our own. It’s something different everyday and we get so caught up in trying to resolve everything that I miss the opportunity to let Jesus work. Forgive me and help me Lord I pray. Please continue to help our children with their school work that overwhelms them at times, and thank You for providing friends for them to play with outside. I also pray for their dad and ask that You would help him. I pray for our family members and everything they might be facing or dealing with too. I pray for our neighbors, this world, the body of Christ and thank You Jesus for being here for us today in Christ name I pray.