Father God in heaven, I’m so sorry for this corrupt generation that continues to turn it’s back to you. I am filled with grief, knowing how it makes you feel. God fill me with compassion and Your Holy Spirit. Help me to love the sinner and respond in the Spirit with kindness by gently nudging them towards the truth. Only Your Spirit can overcomes the evil, because as you said, a kingdom cannot be decided against itself or it will not stand. So only love will overcome. God I bless your name and ask that you draw more people to Yourself through repentance in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins. They keep eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, avoiding you and trying to be their own God, deciding for themselves what is right and wrong. That’s a job only for the Most High. I thank God that you sent your son to crush the enemies head and redeemed us with your infinite sacrifice. What a cost to you, but so freely given to us. Lord freely I have received, now freely let me give. Add to your kingdom through me. You don’t desire that any should perish. Pursue this nation with your Spirit and use your bride the church to reach the fullness of the gentiles. I’m asking for a revival in this broken world. In the name of Jesus! Let us see your face again! Amen!