One of the Enemy’s Greatest Tactics is Busyness and Ministry

Father, our family is our ministry. Sometimes we are so busy serving everyone else that we neglect the very people You’ve given to us. The Bible says “Lo, children are a heritage from You. Blessed is the man who hath his quiver full of them (Psalm 127:3). We, myself included, can get so busy loving and serving everyone else that we have nothing for our families. When we get home to them, we have been dealing with everyone else’s problems and can’t be with our family in love. This is the enemy who comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. The only One we can really cast our cares on is Jesus because He can do something about them. The pastor cannot. He’s flesh and blood too and knowing everything about every person is not our place. It’s the Lord’s. Please reveal to Your people Your truth. Forgive me for each time I’ve shared and perhaps burdened someone causing them to believe I need their help. Perhaps if churches do shut down, we can get back to loving and serving Jesus and our families. I’m not knocking anyone but if the family is torn about, churches are too because Jesus created man for himself and his family. Please help us to not use and abuse each other within the body of Christ so that we learn to love and adore Jesus and to love the people Jesus has given to us. Our family members need to be loved. Father, please help me to walk according to Your word and plans for my life and my family. You gave them to me on purpose. Help me to love them well in Jesus name. Their souls matters to You and so they should matter to me too.