Nehemiah 9:5-6 The Voice ❣️

Nehemiah 9:5-6 ❣️ Adoration of God, as a perfect and glorious Being, and the fountain of all beings, the congregation is called upon to signify their concurrence herewith by standing up; and so the minister directs himself to God, Blessed be thy glorious Name. God is here adored, 1. As the only living and true God: Thou art Jehovah alone, self-existent and independent; there is no God besides thee. 2. As the Creator of all things: Thou hast made heaven, earth, and seas, and all that is in them. The first article of our creed is fitly made the first article of our praises. 3. As the great Protector of the whole creation: “Thou preservest in being all the creatures thou hast given being to.” God’s providence extends itself to the highest beings, for they need it, and to the meanest, for they are not slighted by it. What God has made He will preserve; what He does is done effectually, Eccl. 3:14. 4. As the object of the creatures’ praises: “The host of heaven, the world of holy angels, worshipeth thee, Neh. 9:6. But Thy Name is exalted above all blessing and praise; it needs not the praises of the creatures, nor is any addition made to its glory by those praises.” The best performances in the praising of God’s name, even those of the angels themselves, (fall infinitely short of what it deserves.) It is not only exalted above our blessing, but above all blessing. Put all the praises of heaven and earth together, and the thousandth part is not said of what might and should be said of the glory of God.❣️