Jesus Still Saves

Father, thank You for the experience this morning. You still move Your church to those who are ready to believe in You. You sent Philip to the eunuch because he was ready. That happened to me because of the Holy Spirit this morning. He sent me to Belle from Michigan at the preserve who was in her car dealing with anxiety and fear about her life. The verses Jesus gave me for a card for her last night was John 14:1-2 and Matthew 11:28. There are absolutely no coincidences in this life. Jesus is Lord and He’s Lord of all!! Even in moments that we can’t, Jesus can!! He touched my heart through the story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel. Despite all the dysfunction, jealousy, and the other emotions, God still had a plan! Thank You Father for Your word that is alive and active, sharper than any two-edged sword. You are powerful beyond our comprehension. You are wiser than all men. Heaven and earth is Yours and everything and everyone in it. Thank You that You don’t lose even one of Your sheep. Thank You for finding us all. Thank You for carrying us. Thank You for delivering and healing us. Thank You for redeeming us! Thank You for preparing a place for us and that You are coming to take us to the place You have prepared!! We love You Jesus because You first loved us. Thank You!!!