Jesus Please Lead Me

Father, please lead me. Give me wisdom. I desire that my family be healed. I don’t know if I’m sinning by asking for this. I hear sermons about marrying the wrong person, but how can that be possible when God is the Creator of marriage. He created it in the beginning. People can so use Your word to justify wrong things. You call Your people to forgive and You said if we want to be forgiven we have to be willing to forgive. You also said adultery is wrong. I know we are to deny ourselves and follow You. If a spouse leaves, You said the Christian is free but it can’t mean to remarry when You said an adulterer will not inherit the kingdom. Lot’s wife turned back and was turned into a pillar of salt. You said if we put our hand to the plough and turn back we are not worthy of You. Please give me Godly wisdom in Jesus name. I am really wrestling and maybe that is the problem. Please help me Jesus.