Jesus Is A Deliverer

Lord, thank You for the long way in which You have brought me. You’ve delivered me from so many ungodly habits. You’ve broken chains of addiction in my life. Father, thank You that by Your grace, I’m not clubbing. Thank You for delivering me from alcoholism and taking pills to lose weight because I was obsessed with my body image. Thank You Lord for breaking the chains of pornography off of my life. Father, thank You for deliverance from an affair that I could not do on my own. Thank You for breaking chains of loving money. Thank You for breaking chains of control and insecurity. Thank You for opening my eyes to allow me to see myself and others as being created in Your image. Thank You for loving me when I could not love myself. Thank You for revealing the deep mysteries of Your word and helping us to know how necessary You are every day of our lives. Thanks for giving us Your word and a desire to seek You with all of our hearts. You, Jesus, are worth knowing and trusting.