In The Midst Of Suffering

I’m learning through the example of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit that there is such a sweet presence in the midst of our suffering. Jesus was comforted by the angels. Jesus opened the skies of heaven as Stephen fell asleep while being stoned. Jesus is gracious in the midst of our pain and there is purpose in the midst of it all. I thank God for His supernatural power and glory that is revealed as we endure. These momentary afflictions are light Jesus said in comparison to eternity. We can trust Jesus in our pain and difficulty. We can trust Him even when we don’t know. We know who our God is and we know that He is good and causes all things to work together for good and most importantly His glory. Thank You for loving us Jesus even when we couldn’t love You, ourselves or anyone else. Thank You for being patient and kind. Thank You for Your long-suffering and gentleness. Thank You that You are the Lord and besides You there is no one else.