His Servent ❣️Nahum 1:2-8 The Voice ❣️

Nineveh knows not God, that God that contends with her, and therefore is here told what a God He is; and it is good for us all to mix faith with that which is here said concerning Him, which speaks a great deal of terror to the wicked and comfort to good people; for this glorious description of the Sovereign of the world, like the pillar of cloud and fire, has a bright side towards Israel and a dark side towards the Egyptians. Let each take his portion from it; let sinners read it and tremble; let saints read it and triumph. The wrath of God is here revealed from heaven against His enemies, His favor and mercy are here assured to His faithful loyal subjects, and His almighty power in both, making His wrath very terrible and His favor very desirable.❣️Love the Lord with all your heart and soul❣️