His servent❣️Rev. 1:7.

This book, the Revelation, begins and ends with a prediction of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. We should set ourselves to meditate frequently upon the second coming of Christ, and keep it in the eye of our faith and expectation. John speaks as if he saw that day: “Behold, He cometh, as sure as if you beheld Him with your eyes. He cometh with clouds, which are His chariot and pavilion. He will come publicly: Every eye shall see Him, the eye of His people, the eye of His enemies, every eye, yours and mine.” He shall come, to the terror of those who have pierced Him and have not repented and of all who have wounded and crucified Him afresh by their apostasy from Him, and to the astonishment of the pagan world. For He comes to take vengeance on those who know not God, as well as on those that obey not the gospel of Christ❣️