Help us to work as if we are working for the Lord

Father, please draw Mrs. Tisha And All Employees At Dollar General . Some are aggravated. Help us to work for You. When we do it for You, we will NOT lose that reward. Please open hearts and eyes to the truth that everything we do can be done for the GLORY of God. Help us to shine brightly wherever You would lead us. Jesus, You make the difference in EVERYTHING. Thank You for guiding us in complete and total truth. Lord, I am in awe of all that You are!!! You are so wonderful and kind, Jesus. Thank You for rescuing me Jesus. I love and thank You. You’re beautiful. Thank You for changing my heart of stone and giving me a heart of flesh. Thank You for living me when I hated myself. Please help me to be a reflection of You wherever I go. You are worth knowing Jesus. You change EVERYTHING!!! Thank You for changing me! Without You, nothing is possible, but with You, Jesus, all things are possible!!!💜