Healing From Slavery

Father, in Jesus name, I am asking for Your healing hand over the lives of those of us who come from black / African American backgrounds. For me, that is not my first identity. I am first a child of God so it helps me to put everything else in its proper place. Father, slavery was awful but instead of allowing the enemy to cause me to focus on the sin of slavery, I am moved by the faith, forgiveness, endurance and love of those who were slaves. Thank You Jesus for their faith. Because they stood, I am standing. Our community is not the only one who has suffered because of slavery so we rebuke in Jesus name this demonic spirit that comes from hell for revenge. Jesus said “bless those that curse you.” Everything isn’t as it should be but praise be to God that they aren’t what they use to be either. Father, each person is a slave to something. If it’s not Jesus, it’s to satan. If we’re not a slave to righteousness, we are a slave to sin. I pray in Jesus name let God arise and His enemies be scattered. Father, You call us to deny ourselves, take up our crosses, and follow Jesus. JESUS, please make us one. Help us to see ourselves through the lenses of the blood sacrifice of our Savior. I rebuke in Jesus name this egotistical, self-centered, self-worshipping and self-promoting spirit through every race of people. There is one race, one people group, the human race. We all bleed red and the blood of Jesus is powerful to cover over every sin. Humble us before Jesus we pray. Apart from Jesus, WE ARE NOTHING. God, purify Your church. Cleanse us in the blood of Jesus. Heaven will be for every nation, every tribe, every people group, every language. Father, thank You for this amazing and beautiful promise. We love You Jesus because You first loved us.