Giving Thanks for All the Widows Jesus Has Brought Into My Life

Father, thank You for all the people You have brought into my children and my life. Thank You for all those that were alone and that You set the solitary in families. You go out of Your way to reach the forgotten, the abandoned, the rejected and those who are lonely. Thank You for the gift of Mr. David Malone who always purchased lollipops for my children. Thank You for the gift of Mrs. Judy who loved art just like Brianna, and they were able to hang out together. Thank You for Mr. Keith and his granddaughter Matison who loved to come to our home to hang out. Thank You for the gift of Destiny and their family who were such gifts to us. Thank You for Dawn and April who were always there for me as I was going through the fiercest battle of my life. Thank You for Bushra, Mrs. Val, Nishat, Matt, Leticia, Niwid, and Jordan who worked with me at Rite Aid and helped me to laugh. I pray for them and thank You for their gifts, abilities and talents. Father, please draw them all to Yourself. I pray for all the children that You placed in our lives and who just really loved our children unconditionally as life was falling apart and I was too. I was really breaking down and crumbling. You gave our children amazing friends and blessed them to go to good schools to protect their hearts and minds. You have graciously continued to be a faithful Father during these times. Thank You for loving us and being there for us. Thank You for giving us people that loved us and helped us along the way. I pray You draw each one unto Yourself in Jesus name.