For Tony And The Lady Wounded By The Church

Father, every day that we go out anywhere, we go out to represent You. We don’t always do it perfectly or get it right. There are times when I wonder if I’ve said too much or too little. Help me to focus on You and know that You are able to use the smallest of sacrifices and multiply it. The little boy only had two fishes and five loaves but when He placed it in Your hands You fed over five thousand. For Mr. Tony, he’s looking for love, Jesus. All of us are and we are all looking for Jesus. The pursuit doesn’t stop when we become a Christian. It grows. Please help Tony to open his heart to You. I also pray for the lady who said she’s done with religion. If it were true, I don’t think she would have said anything. Please heal whatever has gone wrong Lord. Please bring reconciliation and restoration in Jesus name.