For The Lady At Dollar General, For Ms. Jordan And Her Grandmother, Mrs. Nesha At Dollar Tree

Father, You knew she wanted to be prayed with and for. Please protect her in her job. Retail is hard and lots of people are impatient. Lord, help us display the fruits of the Spirit in Jesus name. Where she’s weak, please be her strength. For Jordan at church, You know ALL things. Thank You that we can bring our requests before You Lord and You hear us as Your children. If her grandmother doesn’t know You, we pray for salvation in Jesus name. Please draw Jordan close during these days and times. I also pray for Mrs. Jesus who works in retail. Please protect her spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Lord Jesus, be a fence. Let her know You are with her in the midst of the disrespect and cruel treatment. Lord, help her walk through the challenge and allow her to come out victoriously I ask in Jesus name. Please help us all. Teach us to guard our hearts and trust in You with all that we are in Jesus name.