For The Hatred, Strife, Jealousy, Addiction In The Sanders And Taylor Family

Father, we need You. There is such lack of love within both families. Satan comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. There is much competition. People don’t care for each other. Instead, each life is stacked against the other and it causes so many problems. I’ve prayed but I need help in praying because it’s destroying our families. The Sanders parents are married but there is no love demonstrated or showed. Instead, it’s always about tearing the other one down. It’s bitterness, hatred and regret. My dad is lost and is completely dissatisfied in and with his life. He’s not very loving either and this has been passed down to the children. Father, I pray for the grandchildren who are also suffering because of these generational curses. You came to break chains. Father, we need You. Only You can take a heart of stone and cause it to be made flesh in Jesus name. Please bring revival, healing, deliverance and freedom to our families.