For The Gates Family

Father, I pray for them. I don’t know them or their story. You do. I pray that You would soften their hearts and mine. I don’t know what I’m doing most times. I ask for Your help to share Your love. My definition of love may be different than Yours. I’m broken, scarred, fragile and even mean sometimes. I can be easily offended and when it comes to sharing Your truth I’m afraid sometimes because I have had people blow up because they did not like what You have said. Sometimes I want to run away just like Jonah because people can do wicked things. Please help us in our walk with You. Please help me because my desire is to see people saved but maybe it’s not for me to see so that I don’t become puffed up with pride. Please do what only You can in the Gates hearts and lives. I pray for salvation, deliverance and forgiveness in Jesus name.