For Shalonda, Gus, Isaac And John

Father, today I messed up. I totally flipped on a coworker. I’m sorry because I don’t want anything to hinder my prayers. Please fix what is wrong in our office. Satan is always working and I can be hard on people at times thinking I’m going to protect just like they protect themselves. Help me please. I also lift up Isaac who said he’s been trying to draw close to You. I pray for Mr. John who seemed down. I also pray for Shalonda and Gus. May they come to know You if they don’t already. Help us all we pray in Jesus name. Draw us because we are longing and looking for you. Please help me with my coworkers. I like the job. Please clear up the confusion, chaos, and drama. I don’t want to have to find another job. I asked You Lord for this one and You gave it to me. Please help us through the transition and change. I’m trying to pray and make right decisions and choices. I’m trying to not let the cares of life bog and weigh me down. I want to trust You, Jesus. I want to believe without wavering and doubting because that person would receive nothing from You. Help me I pray, help us we pray in Jesus name.