For Our Precious Children, Ezekiel And Brianna Sanders

Father, thank You for the wonderful gift of these two people. They are a blessing and dear to me. Sometimes things were so hard and I made so many mistakes. Please let them know how deeply loved they are. I try my best to communicate it to them. With all that they are facing and have faced, please let them never doubt that they are deeply loved, fearfully and wonderfully made by the hand of God for a purpose and on purpose. I plead the blood of Jesus over our children. I ask, Lord, that You would ALWAYS give Your angels charge over them to keep them wherever they go. May they never wander away from Jesus. May nothing ever appear to be more attractive or intriguing. Jesus is the BEST GIFT and I pray they would also know this to be true. Please protect them Lord. Keep them in the way I ask in Jesus name.