For My Life

Sometimes the things that Jesus impresses on my heart are not always easy. Lord, I’m sorry when I let You down. Thank You for every time You forgive me and discipline me so that I walk in holiness. Purify my heart, my mind, my thoughts, my desires. Help me to walk upright before You. Lead me in a plain path because of my enemies. Jesus, I need You more than anything else. You’ve been and continue to be better to me than I’ve ever been or anyone else has ever been to me. Please keep me I pray. Hold me up. I surrender all that I am and all that I’m not into Your capable hands. Lord, I want to hear “well done.” I want You to smile when You see me. I want to walk in the will that You have for my life. You’ve always been there and thank You Jesus for still being here. Thank You for taking me by Your right hand and declaring to me “don’t fear; I will help you.” I need You Jesus every single moment of every single day. I love You Lord because You first loved me.