For Mrs. Valerie and Her Father Everrett

Father, she’s an elderly lady in her 60s afraid for her 90 year old dad. She has no clue where he is, but Jesus You do. She said he’s been thrown out of the hospital in New York and she has no clue where he is. She was hurting so bad and so she’s working hard to earn her vacation so she can travel for her birthday to find him. Father, nothing is impossible for You and when we as people are out of options and have nothing left You are always able to do what we cannot. Lord, my prayer is that You would help them to find You and find each other. I pray for both people that have been made in Your image to know that what is impossible with man is possible for You. Please help their family I pray in Jesus name. You, Jesus, are the God of miracles. We trust You. I trust You. Jesus, thank You for allowing us to meet this precious lady to hear the pain and desire of her heart so that we could pray for her. Thank You Jesus for being God and that besides You there is no other. You are the only One able to help us Jesus.