For Mrs. Deloris Struggling In Her Business

Father, I pray for this precious lady. She’s been having a hard time and I pray that this difficulty would lead her to You. You are capable of taking care of us. When I was out of ideas and a job, You caused more P-EBT to be placed on our children’s cards for us to have food. My brokenness does allow the opportunity to see the brokenness in others. My heartbreak also allows Your compassion to flow to those who are hurting. I pray for the children in my neighborhood and within my own home that are hurting and broken. Please show them how much You care for them. You, Jesus, go to places that others won’t. Thank You for having no respect of persons. You really love and that love is not fragile, racist, or anything evil. Your love doesn’t fail when we do. For each person looking, I pray in Jesus name that they would find You. Father, help me to everyday look for You too. Help me to seek for You with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength in Jesus name.