For Missing Kyle In California

Father, I just pray for resolution for this family. Their son has been missing. Father, I pray that Kyle is well. I pray for him. I pray for his mom and dad. I pray for the mess that is happening with these police officers in the death of Tyre. Jesus, our world needs You so desperately. Nothing else works. I pray for the grandmother tonight that was broken down at Taco Bell and You sent help!!! Nothing is impossible for You. For every journal that went out tonight, please bless each lady. I lift up Mrs. Deborah at TJ Maxx!! Please help the man in TJ Maxx that dresses like a woman. Lord, I believe some people are desperately desiring to be seen, but You see us. You know where we are and You know how to find us. Nothing is beyond Your ability. You know where each person is!!! You are AMAZING and You are ALWAYS right on time! Thank You for being an on time God! Yes, You are!!!!🙌💕🙌