For Messiah (Young Man), KJ, Tyler, Worship Teams In Every Church

Father, I lift every single one of these people to You. Messiah is a 17-year young man. His earthly dad has passed away. The verse that says when my father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up. Father, He needs You to come in and be his father. I pray for KJ. Her and her husband have adopted children, and they may be overwhelmed. Each child comes from different backgrounds with different life experiences and Lord, only You can heal, deliver and set free. I pray Lord for Tyler who is being taken advantage of by doctors and he’s possessed. Lord, You said these kind come out only by prayer and fasting. His mom can’t keep him home because of all the conflict. Jesus, You are a Delivering God. You break chains. You give new life. Father, I also pray for the worship team at church. I pray that they are born again. If people don’t know You, they can’t usher us into the presence of God. Do away with our production and our performance. Humble us because people are looking for Jesus! Help us to not stand in the way of sinners. Deliver us from our platforms. Deliver us from our form of godliness while denying Your power. Help us to seek and search for You with all of our hearts, our souls, our minds and our strength. Please help us we pray in Jesus name.