For Mary Prescott And Her Family

Father, for whatever she has endured, I lift her up to You. You know where she is and what she’s endured. You know the pain and disappointment that lies deep within her heart. You know the trauma that she’s endured at the hand of these false prophets. Lord, thank You for the day You will come to make every wrong thing right. Thank You for the day that every high thing will be made low and those who are lowly, cast down and thrown away will be exalted. Father, I ask that You will restore this widow and pursue this precious sheep that has lost her way. Help her to know You are not the people who have failed her or let her down. You don’t use and abuse people and You said abusers of themselves with mankind will not inherit the kingdom. Thank You for going to the cross for everything Mrs. Prescott has endured. Please help her in Jesus name we pray.