For Kristin’s 101-Year Old Grandmother

Father, You know all things. We lift up this grandmother who has fallen and broken her hip. She needs both salvation and surgery. Lord, what does it profit if we gain the world but lose our souls. We ask that You would do a mighty work in Jesus name. I also lift up Mrs. Klages whose 93. Father, we pray for salvation for her. I pray that she and her family would see their deep need for Jesus. We pray for Mrs. Ellison and all the other patients in the facility, Jesus. I also lift up Mrs. Pat. Father, I pray that she would come to know You and if she does, I pray that You would soften her heart, Lord. With Jesus, we become better not bitter. I pray for those who are lost and do not know Jesus. I pray for the lukewarm. We pray for the unrepentant and rebellious. Lord, I pray for Christians everywhere. Keep us we pray in Jesus name. Thank You for prayer, Jesus.