For Hope, Shay, Nevaeh, Calonie, Ricky, His Spouse, Their Daughter, Victoria, Chrissta, Alyssa, Cleo And Her Family, The Two Other Ladies, The Young Man From TJ Maxx

Father, in Jesus name, You amaze me that You take sinners, clean them up and send them out. You take the worst of us, transform our lives, and allow us to share what You’ve done. I pray Father that each of these people come to know You. You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus, You not only transform hearts but You also change lives. You take hearts of stone and cause them to be made flesh. Your love compels us to change because we’ve never experienced love like you give. You are pure, holy, and righteous. You don’t think evil towards us. You forgive and help. I’ve never in my life known anyone like You and I pray that each of the people You allowed us to share with come to know You. You, Jesus, are worth knowing. We love and thank You Lord.