For Help Navigating These Teenage To Young Adult Years With Our Children As A Divorced Mom

Father, I ask in Jesus name for help through these years and times. With an anxious 16-year old son without a father present in his life, there is so much pressure and questions about who and what our son will become. I am anxious and I feel heartbroken. I remember being 16 and having no parental guidance whatsoever. Those years were difficult and challenging. Jesus, I am trusting You to show our son the way. Please relieve us of the stress and belief that he is having to figure this out alone. You are the Way for our son. I ask Jesus that You will show Ezekiel that You have a good plan and purpose for his life. I ask Father that You would show him he is not alone. I pray for all the stress, fear, worry and frustration. I ask that You would help me as his mother to walk alongside him in a way that honors Jesus. Help us through these hard years Lord and please give Your angels charge over our son. Please surround Ezekiel with people that really love You and have more than a form of godliness while denying Your power. I ask for clear direction from You Jesus. Help us to be able to talk to You Jesus and to each other. Grow our love for You and each other. I pray for Brianna Father and ask that You would continue to be the Father and Husband that loves us. We need You more than these words can convey. Father, I ask that You would be our everything in Jesus name. Please deliver us from fear, stress, worry and anxiety. Please give us peace and direction. Remind our hearts Father that You see, You know and You understand please.