For Myself And My Car

Lord Jesus, please help me as only You can. I’m in trouble. You are my safe space. Please deliver me Jesus. Give me wisdom. Lead and guide me I pray in Jesus name. Lord, I’m in need of transportation to go back and forth from work, church and this side job I have. If I don’t work, I don’t eat. Please protect me from those who would desire to take advantage of me. I am Your child. Please hide me under the shadow of Your wings. I need Your divine protection I ask in Jesus name. Please Lord. I’m asking humbly in Jesus name.

For Mark

Lord Jesus, he is in pain and his feet are numb. The surgery has caused new issues for him. God I ask in Jesus name that You would help and rescue him. He needs a miracle. Nothing is working. Only You are a Healer. You are standing at the door of his heart and knocking. Help Mark to trust You for his salvation we pray in Jesus name. Help him to turn back to You Jesus we pray. He needs a miracle Lord. You give miracles. They are nothing for You.


Yes, fathers should be responsible for their children. However, prayer should also be made for pastors, Bible teachers and godly parents to have boldness and love for the BABIES and parents to present the Word of God: adultery and fornication are sins. These are the ‘root’ for many of the abortions. From experience: I am a pastor for over 20 years, I have been healed of cancer and I know you cannot put a bandaid on
cancer and expect healing. Pray we are not superficially doing this to try to stop abortion—a bandaid instead of the Gospel to bring salvation, healing and deliverance.

For Mr. Pernell And Those Without Homes

Father, You have welcomed him in. Those who are despised and cast down, frowned on, hated, thrown away. There is a seat at Your table for each one. God, thank You that You are not like man even in the smallest of ways. Thank You for loving the unlovable. Thank You for joy, love, peace, gentleness, faith, meekness, temperance and all the fruit of the Spirit. Help us Lord to follow Your lead. To hear Your voice. To not stand idly by as heaven is invading the earth. You are coming Jesus. Help us to be ready I pray in Jesus name.


He is Risen!

For Hudson, Charles And All Of His Friends

Father, protect him. You know why. Be with him. I ask for special angels concerning him. Thank You for his love for Jesus and his testimony. Keep him we pray in Jesus name. Help Charles and his friends to be good witnesses for Jesus and His love please. The world around us is hurting and needs to be loved. Thank You for loving us Lord.

For Michelle And All Dancers In Night Clubs

Please rescue them and let them know You really love them in Jesus name.

For My Natural Family

Father, I’m asking for Your hand and Your deliverance. I’m waiting on You and the Bible says those that wait for You will not be put to shame. I ask for Your divine wisdom and help. It’s a real mess. The expectations placed on people are misplaced and misguided. There is ONE GOD, and I am not Him. Father, please satisfy the longing and void in every human heart. Sometimes we think the longing is for a person but it’s really for You. Please protect our children and their dad. Please open their eyes and their hearts to the sovereignty of Jesus. Anything less than You never satisfies because we were made for ONE. I love the song that says “only You can satisfy my heart.” It’s true. Lord, forgive me for thinking it’s me they need. They need You. Please reveal Yourself and draw them in Your lovingkindness I ask in Jesus name. I ask these things humbly in the name of Jesus. Please do what only You can Lord. We need You so desperately. I need You so desperately. I can’t fix this. Only Jesus can. I dare not think so highly of myself.


Jesus, thank you for your goodness! Thank you that my sister in law’s cancer may be operable. Give her peace and courage. Father God, we ask for peace in Israel and Haiti. Protect the innocent people in those countries. Give the leaders of Israel wisdom, and bring order to Haiti. In your powerful name, amen.

For Mrs. Tharissa And Her Husband

Thank You Jesus for her and her husband. Thank You for their lives, their greeting and their love. Thank You for blessing me to meet them this morning. Thank You for all the ways that You are at work in their lives. Help them to see You, know You, and believe in You in Jesus name.