Whisper a Prayer

During this historical week 16 years ago, I was explaining to my boys the tragic event of 9/11.  They were terrified because their dad was on a business trip in Europe, and their greatest fear was for his safe return home.  It was through this experience I was able to teach them to trust God and pray.  We discussed that no matter where they were they could whisper a prayer.  Children have great faith, and in these times of tragedy, we must teach them to reach out to Jesus.

Our children need to know that no situation or circumstance is too big or too small to pray about.  Luke 18:37 states, “What is impossible for people is possible with God.”  My children as well as yours need to have circumstances and situations that can build their faith.  They need to understand God hears their prayers, and He answers them as He sees fit.  Yes, there may be times God doesn’t answer them as they prayed, but it is during these times they learn to trust.  God did answer the prayers of my boys 16 years ago and brought their dad safely home. Thankfully, this event was a building block in their faith journey.

My encouragement to you as a parent would be to pray the daily If 7:14 prayers with your children.  It is never too soon for them to join you in prayer.


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