“God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.”   Psalm 18:20

Oh what comfort we find in this verse! When I reflect upon how imperfect I am and my need for personal revival, I am encouraged because God provides a template. Since God’s way is perfect, I can look to the character He constantly reveals, and try to pattern my character after His. I am so very thankful God’s ways are perfect!

In the next sentence of this verse, we see an equally amazing truth – ALL the Lord’s promises are true, not just isolated handpicked ones. Wow! And because the Bible contains over 5,000 promises, the fact they are all true is clearly astounding and reassuring.

God’s Word also tells us He is a shield, but did you notice the condition He described? He said it is there for those who “look to Him for protection.” How often do we sincerely look to God for protection? That should be our constant mindset as His protection is readily available. He will even provide the shield!


Prayer: My precious Lord, thank you that Your ways are perfect and that ALL Your promises are true. I am humbled when I think about Your perfection, unwavering promises, and all-encompassing protection. I am grateful You provide me such comfort by revealing Your character through your Word. Amen.


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