For a Brief Moment

Isaiah 54:7, 8 “‘For a brief moment I abandoned you, but with great compassion I will take you back.  In a burst of anger I turned my face away for a little while. But with everlasting love I will have compassion on you,’ says the LORD, your Redeemer.”  Ultimately, these verses are for the redemption of Jerusalem.  Yet in the rich layers of Scripture, I see myself and the church of Christ.

How often have you felt abandoned or forsaken by God?  What kind of circumstances leave you feeling alone, afraid, or depressed?  We face trials of many kinds in this world; a child’s death, a loss of a job, guilt from the past, a betrayal by a friend, or the absence of close friendship…. Sometimes it is my own poor choices that leave me feeling inadequate for the calling as a parent, employee/boss, spouse, or friend.

I compare or compete, and I always seem to lose.

I’ve messed up.  I accept my weakness.  I confess my sin.   So today I look up and look on.

Today, I claim  the phrases of promise tucked into these verses!  The LORD says to you and me in our brokenness; I will! I will build you!  I will build you with turquoise, sapphires, rubies, sparkling jewels and precious stones!  Yes, Lord Jesus, I claim this assurance that you will take my life and create something beautiful, valuable, and everlasting.

Proverbs 8:10, 11; Revelation 21


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