First Fruits

Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the fruit fruits of all your crops. Proverbs 3:9

When the church in a nation tithes to God and recognizes His provision, that nation is blessed. God is honored, and we find ourselves in a place where God can trust us with more because we are correctly using what He has already given us. Have you ever considered that much of our nation’s economic turbulence might be caused by the failure of the Lord’s people to honor Him with their wealth? The average Christian gives 2.7% to his or her church! What might happen in our nation as we offer ourselves and our wealth back to the Lord?


Ask the Lord if you are properly honoring Him with your wealth.

Pray for God to be honored in this nation as we give abundantly and with right attitudes to Him.


Father, I thank you that you are the giver of every good and perfect gift. All that we have comes from your hand. I am grateful to you. Help me, Lord, to honor you with my wealth, and to give back with a joyful spirit. Please pour out a spirit of generosity within the lives of your people, so that You might be honored and our nation might be blessed.

Adapted from Desperate for Change, PrayerShop Publishing, 2012. The full devotional is available for purchase at


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